• Have you Been Trying To Lose Weight But The Scale Doesn't Move, And Your Pants Are Getting Tighter & Tighter... 

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The World Famous "Fun House"
Walnut Women's Boot Camp


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I was on a Weight Loss Roller Coaster... My weight Constantly went up & down...  Walnut Women's Boot Camp AKA The Fun House finally Helped Me Lose The Weight... I'm Down Over 40lbs and Feel Awesome!
Paula Lopez- Torres La Puente, Ca

Check Out Our Boot Campers!

  • Lost 80lbs & 19 Inches From My Whole Body in 10 Months

    Cathi Ahntholz
    I lost 80 lbs and 19 inches from my body. The Workouts are always fun, and challenging...!  It's a great Workout! 

  • Lost 43lbs 12 Inches & 4.5% Body Fat And Kept it Off 

    Stephanie Granados

    I'm so happy I signed up at Walnut Women's Boot Camp The Workouts Are Always Different . I love the trainers, I lost 34lbs 12 inches, and 4.5% Body Fat ...  I feel amazing!


Why We Are Different!

We Specialize in Helping Women Tone, Tighten and Lose Weight From Their Whole Body With Fun, Challenging, Women's Only Workouts... Experience The Camaraderie, Support, And Make Life LongFriendships in a Supportive, Awesome Atmosphere  

Eric Bonilla - Owner/Author
Body Transformation  Coach

Hello Boot Camper & Friend,
Thanks so much for checking out Walnut Women's Boot Camp
Walnut Women's Boot Camp specializes in helping women  
tone, tighten, and lose weight from their whole body with fun,
 fat-burning, energizing workouts...

We have helped thousands of  women lose weight, tone their
body, feel energized, and get healthy in the last 20 years...

I'm very passionate about helping women lose weight, and tone
their body, but I'm really proud of the fact we have helped hundreds
of women get off high blood pressure meds, kick Type 2 Diabetes to
the curb, catch up to grand kid's again, and helped countless women stop chronic back pain,...

I'm really looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals

See ya at the World Famous "Fun House"

Walnut Women's Boot Camp

 Eric Bonilla

Walnut  Women's Boot Camp Schedule 
Monday  530am              9am   4pm  5pm   6pm    7pm    8pm
Tuesday 530am  8am     9am   4pm  5pm   6pm    7pm    8pm
Wed       530am              9am   4pm  5pm   6pm    7pm    8pm
Thurs     530am   8am   9am    4pm  5pm   6pm    7pm    8pm
Friday    530am   8am    9am                      6pm
Saturday             8am    9am



3 Options To Start The Fun!

Option 1 - Imagine Losing 70lbs in 1 Year... Lose 70lbs in 1 Year and the Next year is FREE!  Click the First Option and get Started Now... It's 3 Personal Training Sessions Weekly- Plus Daily Accountability, Nutritional Counseling and Personalized meal plans for 1 Year...

Option #1 Lose 70lbs 1 Year - Next Year FREE Click Here

Option 2 - Lose 20lbs in 3 months and Next 3 Months Are Free... 3 Personal Training Sessions Weekly
Daily Accountability, Nutritional Counseling and Personalized meal plans for 3 months 

Option #2 Lose 20lbs in 3 Months and the Next 3 Months Are FREE

Option 3-  6 Weeks unlimited boot camp. Can attend
 as many boot camp classes as you like. Can Do 3 workouts a day if you like... Probably shouldn't  though:)- No need to schedule workouts... Attend any scheduled time... Nutritional Counseling and Personalized meal plans included 

Option #3 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camp

What Our Boot Campers Are Saying...

  • Liz - Pomona Ca
  • Grace- El Monte, Ca
  • Melissa - Covina, Ca
  • Christy  - Walnut ca
  • Stacey & Tracey
  • Roxanne - Walnut Ca
  • Stephanie Granados
  • Danielle - El Monte, Ca
  • Irene- West Covina Ca
  • Eulema - Diamond Bar, Ca
  • Jennifer - Diamond Bar, Ca
  • Linda- West Covina, Ca
  • Anna - Hacienda Heights, Ca
  • Melissa - West covina Ca
  • Marissa - Covina, Ca
  • Josie - Walnut, Ca
  • Nashan - West Covina, Ca
  • Nancy - San Dimas, Ca
  • Margie- Walnut, Ca
  • Malina- La Puente Ca
  • Lupe - Phillips Ranch, Ca
  • I'm so glad I found Walnut Women's Boot Camp! I've tried so many times to lose weight...  I was really discouraged.. But I finally lost the weight here! The workouts, support, and motivation really helped me make the change.. Thank You!  

    Amy Ruiz- Walnut,Ca

  • I lost over 40lbs and approx13 inches inches on my whole body in 9 months... I feel so much better- Tons of energy, and my self confidence has improved big time!  
    Thanks WWB!

    Danielle Lara - West Covina ca

  • I have a hectic scedule so I needed a program that was very flexible. WWB has 7 classes a day it's unlimited and I can come to any scheduled class.. Perfect! I also lost 17lbs in 8 weeks- I'm very happy!

    Ruby Mendoza- Chino Hills Ca

  • I was so depressed before I got to WWB I had tried everything I couldn't lose weight... WWB helped me finally lose weight! I lost over 30lbs in 12 week... I feel sooo much better. It's Really Awesome! Thanks WWB!

    Alejandra Pena - Pomona, Ca

  • I was trying to lose weight on my own going to a big gym, but it was really intimidating i didn't know how to use the machines, so I wasn't getting any results.... I love WWB because I don't have to worry about designing workouts it's all done for me I just show up and the Boot Camp trainer has everything ready... Plus it's women's only which I love! By the way I lost 22lbs in 13 weeks- Woohooo:)

    Alondra Reyes, El Monte Ca

  • I came to Walnut Women's Boot Camp to get ready for the biggest day of my life... My Wedding!! And WWB did not disappoint, they helped me lose over 30lbs and over 10 inches... I felt and looked Awesome  on my wedding day! I can't thank WWB enough...  

    Perla A. Diamond Bar Ca

  • I've been to other boot camps in the past... By far Walnut Women's Boot Camp is the best I've ever done! The workouts are hard, but at the same time can go at your own pace, and love that it's women's only... I lost 27lbs and 5 inches on my waist... This place rocks!

    Yuvi Delgado- Walnut Ca

  • I'm so glad I found Walnut Women's Boot Camp... I have been looking for a boot camp for a long time... This boot camp kicks butt! Workouts are always different, I can come to any class I want, and there's tons of different classes to choose from... I lost 18lbs in 14 weeks I'm really happy with my results! Thanks WWB

    Danielle Pena - Pomona Ca

  • I'm so happy with Walnut Women's Boot Camp... I lost 47lbs in 6 months..  The workouts are really good, and the women's only thing is really good! I love the supportive environment, and the motivation is Awesome! Thanks WWB!

    Valerie N. West Covina, Ca